“APOSTILLE” is a certificate (seal) which, according to the Hague Convention, instead of legalizing (certifying) public documents in international legal transactions, confirms the authenticity of the signature, the status of the signatory of the public document and the authenticity of the seal or trademark. The document certified by this stamp is exempt from any further certification and is suitable for use in all signatory states to the Hague Convention.

In Belgrade, the apostille is certified in the First Basic Court in Belgrade, at ul. Nikola Tesla no. 42a in New Belgrade.

A court interpreter is a translator who has a higher education and meets the legally prescribed requirements for a court interpreter, which stipulate:

  • to have an appropriate higher education for a certain foreign language or to possess, completely


  • knowledge of the language from which he translates and into which he translates oral speech or written text;

  • knows the legal terminology used in the language from which it is translated or into which it is translated


  • to have at least five years of experience in translation work.

The decision on appointing a court interpreter is made by the Ministry of Justice. 


The decision on appointing a court interpreter is made by the Ministry of Justice. 

The list of certified court interpreters can be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice:


All documents issued by state bodies in Serbia or abroad and which will be used in Serbia, need to be translated and certified by a certified court interpreter.

The presence of a certified court interpreter is also necessary for various court proceedings, prosecutorial and police proceedings, notarization of documents with competent notaries, marriage procedures and whenever it is necessary for foreign citizens to be informed in their mother tongue about their rights and obligations in the Republic Serbia.

The Attorney will provide you with legal services in the areas of:


  • Company law,
  • Labor law,
  • Real eastate law,
  • The rights of foreigners
  • Criminal law.

If you need legal services from other areas of law, our office will ensure the presence of our external associates from a specific area of law, who will provide you with all the necessary information in our premises.

Attorney’s services are charged in accordance with the valid Attorney’s tariff, with the fact that in accordance with the lawyer’s tariff, the lawyer has the right to charge the price of lawyer’s services multiple times, depending on several criteria, which include the time required to work on the case, the type of case, the complexity of the case .

The provision of legal services can be contracted by the hour, a flat rate on a monthly basis or according to each action undertaken.

Payment for legal services is usually made in advance in the amount of half of the contracted price for legal services, while the other half is charged for the work done, for reasons of ensuring the service we will provide you.

After the payment has been made, you have the right to ask the Attorney for a confirmation of the payment.

No, the lawyer charges separately for his services, however, you may incur the costs of various state fees, the hiring of translators, experts, and which costs the lawyer will specifically highlight and explain to you.

The temporary stay that is approved can last at least 6 months, and at most one year.

The request for extension of the temporary stay can be submitted no earlier than three months, and no later than 30 days before the expiration of the temporary stay.

It is submitted at the Police for Foreigners, Savska street no. 35.

The work permit generally follows the duration of the approved temporary stay.

The request for the extension of the work permit can be submitted until the last day of the expiration of the work permit.