Digital Marketing and Social Media Services

Your reliable & experienced Digital Marketing & Social Media Consulting Agency that you can lead you in Serbia. Let us make you be visible in Serbia in Serbian.

Derya Konsalting is your reliable digital marketing consulting agency in Belgrade, authorized and certificated by both Google and Facebook, our priority is to help you to build your digital online visibility and make your digital marketing dreams possible in Serbia and western balkan region. Our online related services answer your needs regardless of your project’s size. Either you are someone who just needs a web site or a corporate business owner wants to increase sales or makes leads, we are ready to help you grow.

Our services includes,

  • Building Personal, Corporate or Digital Marketing web sites with different language options.
  • Creating and developing your online entity and subtle brand.
  • Building and managing your social media entities over Instagram, Facebook, Google or Tiktok and associating them.
  • Registering your business over Google, Facebook and Tiktok in order you to be part of related services such as Google local businesses, maps and Facebook market place, ads etc. 
  • Conducting Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok accounts and assets. 
  • Making your brand or business to be visible on the first page or even better top of the Google Search Results Pages (SEO – Search Engine Optimization Service)
  • Registering your domain name and providing the most affordable hosting solutions.
  • Running facebook, instagram and tiktok ads that convert.
  • Web page translation
  • Web, social media and digital marketing consultancy.