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The current situation has brought us numerous changes in society on a global level, and one of them is the great fluctuation of the workforce. In that sense, Serbia is one of the countries where these changes are also happening, and in accordance with that, our team recognized this trend and is here to offer you a complete service of obtaining a temporary residence and work permit in the Republic of Serbia.

With over two thousand applications submitted and received for temporary residence and work permit, we can emphasize that the experience is on our side, and therefore the service you will receive is at the highest professional level.

Below you can read a short text about what is meant by temporary residence, ie work permit and the procedure for obtaining them.

Temporary residence for foreigners, as well as their work on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, is regulated by the Law on Foreigners, the Law on Employment of Foreigners, as well as the regulations that accompany these laws.

The law regulates the notion of a foreigner, like any person who does not have the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia and in that context a foreigner may stay in the Republic of Serbia on the basis of short stay, ie visa-free stay up to 90 days in any period of 180 days from the first entry. on the basis of a long-stay visa, temporary residence and permanent residence.


If a foreigner wants to stay in Serbia for more than 90 days, in most cases this stay is regulated by submitting a request for temporary residence, which allows the stay of a foreigner for a period longer than 90 days and up to a year.

A foreigner can apply for a temporary stay on several grounds, the most common of which are:

1) Employment

2) Family reunification

3) Ownership of real estate located in the Republic of Serbia

4) Education or learning of the Serbian language

5) Studying


As for the documentation required for submitting and obtaining temporary residence, it is divided into general, which includes:

  • valid passport,
  • registration of residence or residence (white card),
  • proof of means of subsistence during the planned stay,
  • proof of health insurance,
  • payment of administrative fee.

In addition to the general conditions necessary for submitting a request for temporary residence, the law also knows the special conditions and they are prescribed separately for each of the above grounds on which temporary residence is requested.

The duration of temporary residence may be approved for a maximum of one year, provided that it can be extended for the same period for which it is necessary to timely, no later than 30 days before the expiration of temporary residence, submit a request for extension of residence.

As for the entire procedure, our team is here to provide you with all the necessary information, and will also guide you step by step in the process of gathering the necessary documentation, submitting applications and obtaining a temporary stay, and then extension.





After you have exercised your right and obtained a residence permit in Serbia for more than 90 days on the basis of employment, the Law on Employment of Foreigners allows you to exercise the same rights and obligations in terms of work as a citizen of Serbia.

The law stipulates that a foreigner may submit an application for a work permit, if he / she has obtained a visa for a longer stay on the basis of employment (D visa), a temporary residence permit or permanent residence as a precondition.

A work permit is a type of work permit issued as:

  • Work permit for employment
  • Work permit for special employment cases
  • Work permit for self-employment

What is important to emphasize is that a foreigner with a work permit can only perform jobs for which he has received a work permit.



It is issued at the request of the employer for:

  • referred persons,
  • movement within the company,
  • independent professionals,
  • training and development


Work permits for referred persons, in short, it is about the fact that the parent company abroad sends its workers to work for an employer registered in Serbia, more precisely a company registered in Serbia, on the basis of a technical business cooperation agreement.

 The conditions for issuing this type of work permit are that the foreigner has a long-stay visa (D visa) or a temporary residence permit, proof that the seconded person has been employed by a foreign employer for at least one year, referral deed and other necessary documentation. The work permit can be extended for up to two years.

A work permit for moving within a company is issued at the request of a branch or subsidiary operating in Serbia, and implies a situation where the parent company abroad, at the request of its branch operating in Serbia, temporarily sends or transfers an employee to a branch. One of the main conditions for this type of requirement is that the employee has been employed for at least one year in the parent company abroad as a manager, manager, manager or specialist in certain areas.

A work permit for an independent professional is a type of work permit issued to an independent professional to perform work on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. An independent professional is an entrepreneur registered abroad, who performs his / her duties on the basis of a directly concluded contract with an employer from Serbia. A work permit for an independent professional is issued at the request of the employer or the end user of the services.

Work permit for training and specialization is a type of work permit issued for the purpose of training, internship, professional practice, professional training, specialization and the like. This work permit can be issued at the request of both the employer and the foreigner.



This type of work permit is most often used in cases when a foreign citizen is the founder of a company in Serbia, and his work permit can be regulated on the basis of the decision on registration of the company in the Business Registers Agency.

The required documentation, in addition to the previously obtained temporary residence permit, includes:

  • statement of the type of business,
  • statements on the duration and scope of work
  • proof of adequate qualifications,
  • contract on ownership or lease of business premises,
  • statement on the number and structure of its employees and other necessary documentation.

The competent authority in the procedures for regulating all types of work permits is the National Employment Service.

What is also important to emphasize is that the period for which work permits are obtained is mostly accompanied by the duration of the temporary stay.

This text is of an informative nature, and for all additional questions and information related to the procedure, necessary documentation, submission of requests, Derya group is at your disposal.