We also emphasize that our company cooperates with other court interpreters for English, German, Chinese, Russian and other languages, and for that purpose you can get the required translations for other languages.

Our services include:


  1. INTERPRETATION, which implies simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. Interpretation is most often used at business meetings, presence at notaries public during the verification of documents, presence in court and prosecutorial cases, other state procedures and presence at the conclusion of a marriage with a foreigner.
  1. WRITTEN TRANSLATIONS include translations of documents from Turkish into Serbian and vice versa, and our company provides translations of all types of written documents, as follows:


 Contracts,

 powers of attorney,

 passport,

 Certificate of registration of companies in the Republic of Turkey

 Certificates of citizenship

 birth certificates, births, marriages, deaths and other documents that belong to personal documents, etc.

We also translate and certify from Turkish to Turkish:


 statutes of legal entities,

 decision on establishment of a legal entity,

 balance sheets, income statements, annual business reports,

 founding acts of legal entities,

 audit reports, invoices, business decisions,

 Divorce judgments and other court judgments and decisions, as well as all types of contracts and other legal acts.

 diplomas and diploma supplements, transcripts of grades, certificates of passed exams, certificates of completed grades of primary and secondary school, certificates of regular schooling, as well as curricula and programs of the faculty, or all other documents submitted to competent services in different situations. they concern the field of education.

 Court documents relating to all types of proceedings in civil, criminal and misdemeanor proceedings, interpretation in court proceedings, conversations with lawyers, defendants.

 Apostille seal



The translation page has 1,500 characters, including spaces, and the price per translated page is 2,000.00 dinars (appx. 17 eur).

The deadline for making the translation is 3-5 working days. The price of translation of professional texts (law, construction, medicine, etc.) can be increased depending on the complexity from 10% to 20%

We grant discounts for a large number of customers and regular customers.

The prices of urgent translations are increasing by 20% (today for today).